Concept sketches and rendering for a new Wejo branded vehicle intended for use as a 3D modelled asset in future automotive marketing imagery.
I worked closely with the brand team to renovate the Weekly Wrap social media strategy. The result was a branded carousel asset that helped increase social interactivity and compound the position of thought leadership the marketing team were keen to cultivate.
A promotional booklet designed for distribution at trade shows and conventions. The brief emphasised brand awareness over specific lead generation, hence the conceptual, imagery-lead final design. Please note this was produced before the company changed typefaces.
A selection of initial ideation sketches for an driverless electric vehicle intended to demonstrate Wejo's autonomous operating system. The brief called for a contemporary low-profile 'skateboard-chassis'-type vehicle that incorporated Wejo's minimal, contemporary and innovative brand identity.
These sketches explore the modular potential of the autonomous concept vehicle illustrated above, specifically in the context of a delivery vehicle.  
A carousel designed for use on social media depicting the different sensors employed by autonomous vehicles when sensing their environment. 
A selection of social media assets designed to promote Wejo's attendance at various events.
A social media carousel asset designed to promote relevant insights from a commercial partner.
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