Chef Chef Chef branded takeaway food being delivered to a customer.
The final Chef Chef Chef logo design was printed on self adhesive labels to apply the brand to all packaging.
Evolution of the Chef Chef Chef final brand logo.
This graphic illustrates the development of the final Chef Chef Chef logo, including the later incorporation of the brand tagline, Tasty Choices for Everyone.
Chef Chef Chef branded Chinese food in kraft brown takeaway carton.

The Chef Chef Chef concept also extends to Chinese and Indian cuisine, as illustrated above.

Several other logo themes were explored in addition to the final 'Chef Hat' design. I felt a single block colour design was key in establishing a strong, confident and recognisable brand. This would also allow the design to be stamped onto food containers easily. I also experimented with culinary queues as well as the three 'C's found in the brand name.
Chef Chef Chef branded Chinese food in white cardboard takeaway cartons.
The simple, round, block colour label design means they can be applied to a variety of environmentally friendly food packaging without diluting the strength of the brand.
I also produced promotional menu leaflets to circulate prior to the business opening for orders. They were designed to emphasise the simple, minimalist nature of the brand, whilst looking professional and trustworthy.

The main menu layout was intended to be as elegant and simple as possible whilst retaining the block colour elements of the logo and brand identity.

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